Vasco Villy
"Overall, my experience with Guide Carel and his team was exceptional. Their dedication, expertise, and genuine passion for wildlife photography made this workshop an unforgettable adventure."
Graham Stapleton
"He has exceptional knowledge about behaviour of wild African animals and used that knowledge and his advanced photographic skills to assist us to get some photographs and memories..."
Ruth Scholtz
"We really learned a lot with Carel sharing his photographic knowledge and tips with us."
Carla Pimenta
"As a beginner photographer, I couldn't have asked for better support and guidance."
Ricardo Braz
"An excellent photographer and an even better guide - I feel like the bush is his real second home!"
Martina Vorbeck
"What can I say about Carel, without going speechless for his professionalism, sympathy and charisma."
Fernanda Moura
"I really do recommend to join him on his workshops! You won’t regret it."
Marco Bottigelli
"His knowledge about wildlife bundled with his photography skills is the perfect combo for experiencing the animals with the best possible light and angles."
The Laubscher's
"I can honestly say that our Erindi experience with Carel as our guide was one of the game-viewing highlights of our lives."
Elizabeth Brooke

“Carel is professional, informative, and knowledgeable. He was readily available to answer any questions that we had and was an expert in assisting us photographically.”

Donal Boyd
“As a photography guide and workshop leader, I was so impressed by your ability to connect with my guests, recognize their individual needs, and contribute to the educational experience with both your vast understanding of the African bush and your experience as a budding photographer.”
The Tanzi’s
“He always went way beyond what was expected of him and you will notice that he truly loves his job.”
The Lorey’s
“But the best thing for me was that Carel is an incredibly talented photographer with a great eye for compositions & light…”
The van Looy’s

“We had the pleasure of doing 2 evening drives with Carel and in those few hours, we learned more from him about the animals and their life than in the 3 weeks before.”

The Roth’s
“We have very seldom seen a young person showing so much enthusiasm and dedication, paired with incredible knowledge and a clear picture of the future, living his dream.”
The Jongejan’s

“Carel answered every one of our questions and stopped regularly to enlighten us with more incredible information about the animals and history of Erindi.”

The Seton’s

“Rarely in life does one meet so young a person with such ingrained enthusiasm for his professional future as this young man.”