The Jongejan’s

Arie, Alison & Liam Jongejan

Erindi Private Game Reserve, July 2022

We came to Erindi with high expectations, always a dangerous state with the risk of disappointment high. However, Erindi always delivers, and after three days in paradise, we left with the biggest smile on our faces and a warm feeling inside.

We arrived on a Saturday, around 2 o’clock and were immediately excited to see some Hippos and Crocodiles at the restaurant waterhole. We already couldn’t wait for our first safari adventure and duly, at 4 pm, we were introduced to our guide, Carel, and off we went. Carel doesn’t look much older than our 14-year-old son but quickly took charge of the safari, showing off his immense leadership skills. Within minutes we knew that we were in great hands. Our first safari yielded success, the Big Four (Erindi does not have the Buffalo) in the bag! In fact, over the next three days, we continued to see everything and more.

Seeing incredible animals is one thing, having a knowledgeable, experienced, fun-seeking guide is quite another. Carel answered every one of our questions and stopped regularly to enlighten us with more incredible information about the animals and history of Erindi.

One thing’s for sure, Carel will stop at nothing to find his prey! One memorable evening, with the incredible light around the setting sun, Carel pushed his Land Rover to its limits. In pursuit of a leopard and her subadult cub; we can confirm that his 4x4 driving skills are of the highest quality! Top-notch fun and totally worth the awe-inspiring moments of leopard watching, especially when the youngster popped up onto a branch and gave us the iconic leopard photoshoot.

Every drive back to the lodge was one of satisfaction and reflective moments, and even then Carel would stop and find something unique. The Impala staring intently? Must be a Leopard somewhere. Pale Chanting Goshawks in a tree? Must be a Honey Badger in the neighbourhood. Footprints on the road? Let’s follow them! Carel, you may still be young, but on Erindi you are already a big man. You gave us the best three days of our holiday. We had an absolutely amazing time and we take home some of our best memories. Thank you so much.