The Lorey’s

Johanna Lorey & Marcus Knoppik

Erindi Private Game Reserve, September 2022

Where do I even start?

I was on 4 safaris with Carel in September 2022 and I wish there had been many more. Carel has such enthusiasm and passion for his job, which is just immediately contagious. Even when we didn't see any big animals on a game drive, Carel fascinated us so much with his knowledge of flora & fauna, general game, birds as well as the tracks of animals that we also enjoyed these safaris insanely. It even helped us to enjoy our following self-drive safaris much more since we were able to see so much more!

Carel has the ability to respond to different participants individually, so that everyone gets their money's worth. But the best thing for me was that Carel is an incredibly talented photographer with a great eye for compositions & light and not only gave me helpful tips for great pictures, but also did everything possible to create the best moment & view for us (of course always with absolute respect for nature and animals).

I'm absolutely sure Carel has a great road ahead of him, both as a photographer and as a guide, and I can't wait to hopefully go on another (photo) safari with him sometime soon.

The cherry on top: His bartending skills are amazing as well, wouldn't mind another sundowner G&T ;-)