Vasco Villy

Wildlife Photography Workshop with Carel in Namibia: A Stellar Experience

My recent wildlife photography workshop in Namibia with Carel and his team, Brian and Jeremiah, was an unforgettable experience. Their attentiveness, professionalism, and dedication to ensuring our photographic success went above and beyond expectations. It was clear they put in extra effort, even within the rules and restrictions, to create the best possible wildlife encounters for the entire group.

Highly Organised and Personable Service

Carel and his team impressed with their exceptional organisation. They took the time to understand each participant's needs and photographic goals. This personalised approach made a big difference in the learning experience.

Understanding Wildlife Photography Needs

The team clearly understood the specific requirements of wildlife photography. They actively accommodated our requests whenever possible, making sure everyone had a chance to capture stunning images.

Catering to First-Timers and Beyond

For many participants, this was their first safari adventure. Carel's informative presentations on wildlife photography techniques and editing tips were invaluable, allowing everyone to hit the ground running and capture impressive results quickly.

Immersive Learning and Exploration

Carel and his team did an excellent job of engaging us with the environment. They shared fascinating facts and information about the animals and their habitats, making the experience both educational and immersive. A highlight for me was the opportunity to get out of the vehicle and photograph from unique angles, adding a new dimension to our wildlife encounters.

Leadership and Expertise

I was particularly impressed by Carel's own photographic skills and presentation style. His leadership in maneuvering the vehicles to optimal positions for capturing impactful photos was highly appreciated.

Creature Comforts

The thoughtful inclusion of breakfast and afternoon coffee breaks was a delightful touch. These moments in nature with refreshments served as social connectors, fostering a sense of camaraderie within the group.

Overall, my experience with Guide Carel and his team was exceptional. Their dedication, expertise, and genuine passion for wildlife photography made this workshop an unforgettable adventure. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a world-class wildlife photography experience in Namibia.